Endorsement: The Times' picks in June's judicial races

Office 60: James Kaddo

This is one of those judicial races in which the challenger's explanations for running, and for targeting a particular judge, are almost funny — or would be, if they didn't force Kaddo, a capable judge for more than 25 years, to raise money and campaign in order to continue serving Los Angeles.

It's not as though challenger Stepan W. Baghdassarian is qualified to replace him. Baghdassarian wasn't even an active member of the State Bar of California until late last year, having given up his law practice long ago to run a wine importing business. Now he wants to be a judge.

Why challenge Kaddo? Nothing personal, he insists. It's just that he's an immigrant from Lebanon and wants to repay his adopted nation for the opportunity it has given him. That's nice, but it doesn't explain why out of the 150 other judges he could have challenged, or any of the three vacant seats he could have sought, he decided instead to run against L.A.'s only judge who also just happens to be an immigrant from Lebanon. Either there is a story here that neither candidate is telling us, or Baghdassarian has an odd sense of humor.

As an alternative explanation, Baghdassarian notes that he lives in the Valley, and Kaddo sits in Van Nuys, so it makes sense for him to seek that seat rather than one in Lancaster, Pomona or somewhere else. Nice try, but judicial offices are not tied to a particular courthouse, and any judge elected to this seat could be assigned to sit anywhere in the county. Baghdassarian has no business being a judge in Van Nuys, Pomona or anywhere else in Los Angeles County.




James Kaddo Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 60

Voters would be daft if they opted for Stepan W. Baghdassarian, a wine and liquor wholesaler who hasn’t practiced law in more than a decade, over Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Kaddo, who has been a judge for a quarter of a century and was a practicing lawyer for 27 years before that.

From the brevity of this endorsement, a lack of enthusiasm should not be inferred. The obviousness of which candidate should be elected precludes the need for extended discussion.

Baghdassarian’s challenge is audacious. We endorse Kaddo.






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